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Recover faster after cosmetic surgery, laser treatments, chemical peels, radiation therapy, diabetic, pressure and stasis ulcers and burns using Amino-Plex and Oxygen(Oxy-Mist) to help aid in wound healing and skin repair.

The following testimonials are from...
Physicians that were participating in clinical studies comparing different methods of post laser healing.
Dear Neil Andrews and Sandy Hayman:

We wanted to send you this letter expressing our pleasure with the biO2 Oxy-Mist System which we have been using in our clinic since July 9th of this year.

Our clinic, AesthetiCare, specializes in non-surgical skin care. We perform laser treatments, Botox and collagen injections, microdermabrasion, etc. Since we purchased the biO2 system, we have utalized it in almost all areas of our clinic. Following the Medical Microdermabrasion protocol from biO2, we are seeing results after 4 treatments that we used to see after 8 traditional microdermabrasion treatments. Better yet, our patients rave about it.

We also utilize the biO2 Oxy-Mist after laser hair removal and CoolTouch laser treatments. We have found that it quickly reduces erythema and discomfort. It also sets us apart from other practices. The treatment feels great, looks very hi-tech, and is the last thing our patients experience before they leave. As you know, laser treatments are not comfortable. For us to be able to give them the benefits of Oxy-Mist along with the soothing effect has been a huge plus!

We have put together a package which we call TSR (Total Skin Rejuvenation). In this package, we combine CoolTouch, Medical Microdermabrasion w/Oxy-Mist, Botox, and biO2 home care. We have had tremendous success with this package. Our patients see results very quickly from the Botox and Medical Microdermabrasion, and it makes it easier for them to be patient for the collagen rejuvenation that CoolTouch delivers.

We give our highest endorsement to biO2 Oxy-Mist and biO2 home care products. Our main focus at AestheiCare is patient satisfaction, and biO2 is a large part of our success in achieving our goal.

Judy Sanders, RN, CLT
Medical Director: John Hiebert, MD, FACS

Initially I was skeptical on the benefits of the ...
biO2 Oxy-Mist Treatment Protocol. After treating patients and participating in the clinical studies, I saw better patient compliance, patients valued the attention they received when getting their treatment and this reflected in more referrals. In this clinical research study in which the patient served as her own control, using identical parameters of laser resurfacing, the side of the face treated with the Oxy-Mist and oxygen delivery system for five days after the resurfacing showed faster healing with less weeping, pain, and swelling. The subsequent erythema was less on the treated side, and resolved faster than on the untreated side.

The subsequent result was qualitatively better both by the patient’s perception as well as by independent observers, and this difference has persisted for more than six months after the laser resurfacing was completed. The patients all preferred the Oxy-Mist treatment protocol to the standard open method, and certainly preferred the result with the Oxy-Mist protocol subsequently. The daily visits of the patient to the office for the treatments (which are easily administered by lay personnel) were actually welcomed by the patients, as they provided an opportunity for reassurance and guidance, and patient phone calls were therefore virtually eliminated. By contrast, the patients felt virtually abandoned with the standard treatment regimen on the opposite side of the face, when they weren’t seen for the first five to seven days after resurfacing. The patients actually enjoyed the treatment itself, which they found soothing and relaxing, and the supervised cleansing in the office contributed to the more rapid healing and enhanced result. 

Obtaining healing within one week after laser resurfacing expands the patient population willing to undergo resurfacing significantly because of the possibility of returning to work and social activities much sooner, and because camouflage cosmetics are required for a much shorter period. The treatment also improves the result, and may represent a significant advance in laser resurfacing. I am convinced that this is the most effective program available.

Michael F. McGuire, M.D.,
F.A.C.S., Santa Monica, CA.
I have followed patients for approximately 2 months post laser therapy
Use of this system has resulted in a marked reduction of pain post laser therapy with the use of biO2 Oxy-Mist. Patients typically described pain at 7-8 (on a scale of 1-10) for the first 24 hours post-op using a variety of ointments but with the biO2treatment patients often report no pain. Wound healing has been equally impressive.

The system somehow seems to create a much less exudative wound and minimize post Erbium capillary bleeding. Wound healing progresses rapidly and ever after extremely aggressive lasing with fluences up to 20J/cm2, we have epithelialization complete within 5 to 6 days.  At the 4-6 week period these patients are markedly better than I would have ever expected to be. At this period there is considerable reduction of acne scarring and collagen tightening with what appears to be some very nice reduction areas of loop lax eyelid skin.

Most importantly, there is an enormous psychological benefit for the patient coming to the office every day for hands on post-op wound care. I believe that this type of contact and hands on wound care has resulted in much more favorable physician patient interactions and perception of the entire laser procedure. It is truly a great selling point that I believe offers a considerable advantage and gives the laser surgeon a considerable advantage over peers not using the system.

David Vasily, M.D.,
Bethlehem, PA.

I have recently started using your system
in the postoperative care of my laser patients. This has been nothing but spectacular to date and I am very impressed with the product that you are selling.

Asher B. Carey, M.D.,
Dover, DE
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