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Recover faster after cosmetic surgery, laser treatments, chemical peels, radiation therapy, diabetic, pressure and stasis ulcers and burns using Amino-Plex and Oxygen(Oxy-Mist) to help aid in wound healing and skin repair.

The following testimonials are from...
Patients that were participating in clinical studies comparing different methods of post laser healing. These patients were lased on one side of their face using a traditional method of healing, Vaseline, Crisco, Preparation H and Flexzan; the other side of their face was lased 2 weeks later using the biO2 Oxy-Mist treatment method of healing. They were lased with a CO2 laser, Coherent UltraPulse or Sharplan laser.
bi02 Cosmecuticals has been the answer to my prayers.
Three months ago I underwent laser resurfacing with extremely disappointing results. The treated area, under my eyes, was BRIGHT red and was not healing correctly. I was unable to wear make-up to hide the redness because make-up only made it look worse. The skin healed poorly and lines formed where they were none before. Any make-up I used (and believe me, I tried them all!) would bleed into the lines and irritate the sensitive skin at the same time. I was forced to walk around with bright red circles under my eyes that looked so bad that my husband wanted to sue my plastic surgeon.

I visited four different dermatologists and three different plastic surgeons who said there was very little they could do for me since the skin was still so "new". I was completely devastated. The plastic surgeon who did the laser resurfacing summed it up as a "poor result" and suggested we try another round of laser resurfacing after six months, but until then I was going to have to walk around with BRIGHT red circles under my eyes. I looked horrible and felt worse.

Thank goodness I happened to find bi02 Cosmecuticals. I order the oxy-Mist Home Treatment and after one treatment the redness had faded to a light pink. After two treatments, the redness was almost completely gone. This was after three full months of having no improvement whatsoever. The oxy-Mist Home Treatment is a life-saver and I would STRONGLY urge anyone to order the treatment DIRECTLY after laser resurfacing. It has done for me what four different dermatologists and three plastic surgeons were not able to do. I am planning on visiting the plastic surgeon who did the surgery and show him the unbelievable improvement. I'm sure he'll be shocked and know he'll begin referring patients to biO2 Cosmecuticals. The results are that dramatic.
Neil and Sandra, thank you so very much.

The treatments were cooling and calming.
I wanted to take the treatment home with me. The side that was treated with the biO2 Oxy-Mist healed faster and was tighter and smoother then the other side treated with the wrapped method (Flexzan). I could wash my hair and face right away and the side treated with the wrapped method was uncomfortable, I couldn't wash my hair, it smelled awful and was painful to remove as it stuck to my face. On my 6th day with the biO2 Oxy-Mist treatment I could apply makeup but on the wrapped side on day 18 I still had some blisters that were breaking open and weeping. Now a year later, you can tell the difference on my face which treatment was better. The Oxy-Mist side is still tighter, firmer and has a much smoother texture. The wrapped side doesn't look as good and the lines by my mouth don't look like they were even lasered.
J.C., Real Estate Broker - San Pedro, CA.
The Oxy-Mist treatment was so refreshing ...
and I looked forward to the daily care and being reassured that I was healing properly. I definitely healed better and faster on the Oxy-Mist treated side compared to the Vaseline side. I didn't weep as much, I could take a shower and I could put my makeup on in 7 days! Comparing the two treatment methods, I would tell anyone having laser that the Oxy-Mist treatment is a must.
A.T., Dog Trainer, Tarzana, CA.
I preferred the biO2 Oxy-Mist Treatment over the wrapping method ...
because I healed so much faster and could apply my makeup on my 6th day. The wrapped side was still weeping on my 12th day. The daily care assured me that I was healing properly. I looked forward to the biO2 Oxy-Mist Treatments every day, as it felt so cool and took the burning sensation away.
M.L., Teacher - Los Angeles, CA.
I can't believe the difference in the two treatment methods.
The biO2 Oxy-Mist treatment was so much more comfortable, cooling and healed faster than the wrapped method. I'm not claustrophobic but being wrapped was so uncomfortable, it smelled and when I got into the shower to remove the dressing it was stuck like glue to my lasered face! It was like a band aid stuck to a burn and having to remove the band aid - Ouch! Why would anyone having laser allow their doctor to wrap their face when they can have the Oxy-Mist treatments? The daily care was so comforting and everyone should have this treatment if they are going to have their face lasered.
M. B., RN, Beverly Hills, CA
This is the most incredible treatment.
The Oxy-Mist treatment cools your face down immediately, I wanted to take it home with me and do it all day long! What impressed me the most is that compared to my friends, I had less weeping and redness and healed in about 5 days. I could put makeup on in 6 days and the redness only lasted about 2 weeks and my friends after 3 and 4 months were still red! I really appreciated the daily attention and treatment, it made me more comfortable knowing I was doing OK.
L.D. Film Editor, Los Angeles, CA.
My experience having the Oxy-Mist treatment ...

compared to friends that have had the 'traditional' methods of healing was fantastic. I had heard awful stories of how some people healed and how they were red for months and months, I truly was scared when I was considering laser resurfacing, my redness faded within 2 weeks! My doctor told me about a new method of healing after laser resurfacing using a special formulation and oxygen called Oxy-Mist. He said that I would be healed in 5-7 days and could put on makeup. He explained the other methods and I chose the Oxy-Mist treatment. It is so cooling, soothing and my face looks fantastic. I especially enjoyed the daily visit in which I was reassured that I was healing properly and I felt that I was getting the attention that I deserved. I have heard so many women friends say that their doctors just told them to go to the grocery store to get Vaseline, Crisco or Preparation H and don't see the doctor for 2 weeks, I didn't want to be treated that way. I felt the Oxy-Mist hands on treatment gave me value for my investment, why aren't more doctors treating their patients with this fabulous treatment?
S.C., Artist, Santa Monica, CA.

The daily care and treatment I received were fantastic.

The Oxy-Mist treatments I received helped to cool my skin down and felt wonderful, I couldn't get enough treatments, I wanted more. I healed so fast, I could wear make up in 7 days and my redness was gone in about 2 ½ weeks. I was so impressed because I speak to the public and couldn't take a lot of time off of work and didn't want to look like I had anything done to me. My co-workers thought I looked rested and asked what I had done. When I told them I had laser they were amazed how fast I healed.
R.W., Lecturer, Redondo Beach, CA.

Thank goodness I happened to find biO2 Cosmecuticals.

I ordered the Oxy-Mist Home Treatment and after one treatment the redness had faded to a light pink. After two treatments, the redness was almost completely gone. This was after three full months of having no improvement whatsoever. The Oxy-Mist Home Treatment is a life-saver and I would STRONGLY urge anyone to order the treatment DIRECTLY after laser resurfacing. It has done for me what four different dermatologists and three plastic surgeons were not able to do. I am planning on visiting the plastic surgeon who did the surgery and show him the unbelievable improvement. I'm sure he'll be shocked and know he'll begin referring patients to biO2 Cosmecuticals.
The results are that dramatic.

I am in no way affiliated with biO2 Cosmecuticals....
.I am just someone who has been through hell trying to heal after laser resurfacing and would like to save anyone who is considering laser resurfacing months of suffering. Neal and Sandra, thank you so very much.
E.B, Homemaker, Bayonne, N.J.
Dear Sandra, (President of bi02 Cosmecuticals)

As per our conversation this afternoon, I am more than willing to describe how grateful I am to you (and your little magic elves?) for having somehow developed these miraculous skin products. I should begin by saying that I never would have been fortunate enough to use your skin care line were it not for the recommendation of Mark and Iris Ribeiro who are the founders of the Anti-Aging Center of Long Island. They are wonderful healers who have helped me, tremendously, so much so, that I will be forever in their debt. Back to what I'd begun to describe. Your skin care line, the cleansing rinse, facial spray mist, cleansing gel, moisturizer and eye cream are by far the best products I have ever used on my face. Everything I had tried would destroy and irritate my most sensitive skin. l had tried so many things, so many products, which might fill volumes.

Within a few days, in less than a week, my skin was cleared of the severe blemishes from which I had suffered so long. The texture and quality of my skin has improved dramatically, and this after having had many laser treatments, gone to at least a half dozen dermatologists and doctors, and always (in between) weeping at every acne solution infomercial on television (half hoping and more doubting their effectiveness). Moreover, after having tried almost everything, being swindled, I had nearly lost all hope. Doctors' and dermatologists' methods were too harsh and offensive to my face and body. The more I tried, the more products I combined, the worse my problem became, it was out of control, and I could not help myself nor heal the sores.

Thanks to Iris's suggestion that I use your product and Mark's nutritional analysis, I began the path to radiant health. I am not there yet, but I am working at it each day shat I live. I am so much happier than before. You can't imagine what a difference these few days have made in my life and are continuing to do. I see myself better, more clearly. I can now see my face, as it was meant to be, the one that my mother and God gave me. I can now concentrate and focus on things that are truly important, like relationships.

I'd wasted so much time using the wrong things and not knowing what to do or how to go about it. Thanks to you and the healers who brought me to your skin care line, I am truly thankful. I wish it were more widely known and more widely used, perhaps then it would be a little more affordable and a greater percentage of the population would not have to undergo the agony associated with traumatic skin problems. Yet, after all of this, I will say that your gift is metaphorically and quite literally priceless. Rather than charlatans who are out to make a profit and sell the public a dream (that they cannot and do not deliver), I commend you for being one of the ones dedicated to having created something that actually works and improves lives.
C.S., N.Y, N.Y

Dear bi02, Ms. Sandra Hayman, and Mr. Neal Andrews:

Although words cannot adequately express my appreciation for your superior products and excellent service, I did want to convey how very impressed I have been as a patient using your complete product line, with special emphasis on the Oxy-Mist home care system! Please feel free to use this letter among your patient testimonials and endorsements.

As I write this, I am on Day 13 of recovery from laser resurfacing. Prior to having the procedure done, I spent over thirty hours researching laser facial peels on-line, and was fortunate to chance upon several positive references to Oxy-Mist from patients on a question and answer line. After proceeding to your website and reading the clinical studies, the doctor and patient testimonials, and viewing the dramatic comparison pictures, I became convinced that your product would afford me the best possible results for post-laser recovery. The cosmetic surgeon I had contracted with was not familiar with your product and very skeptical. As I live in North Idaho, no other doctors or laser clinics in my area were using the Oxy-Mist system, so, unlike most of your patients who use the Oxy-Mist system via office visits and doctor support, I knew I would be "going it alone." Nevertheless, I e-mailed biO2 with a list of questions. Imagine my surprise when I received not only an immediate e-mail response, but a follow-up phone call from you, Sandra, offering helpful information and support!

I ordered the Oxy-Mist home care kit, arranged for local rental of oxygen cylinders, and exacted a promise from my plastic surgeon that I be allowed to follow the at home protocol, rather than using the standard ointment and dressings post-laser. Am I ever glad I did!

The directions and information in the home care kit were clear and simple. In the difficult days following full face lasering for acne scars, 1 so looked forward to my morning and evening Oxy-Mist treatments as they were the only real "relief or "temporary reprieve" in the miserable and painful recovery period. Not only did the treatments feel cooling and refreshing, but my husband who administered them noted that the skin's erythema decreased during treatment, turning from "fire-engine red" to "pink" as the rejuvenating amino acids, vitamins, and oxygen were absorbed.

Your recovery balm was one of the many products that first attracted my attention when I visited your site, as one prone to skin flare-ups and acne, I was fearful that heavy ointments or balms used post-laser would clog my skin, hindering or negating the results of the resurfacing. I'm happy to say that I have had NO problems with eruptions or plugged pores following the procedure, due in major part to the use of your light recovery balm. I also really liked the rinseable aspect of the azulene cleaner, since I showered several times a day to "feel better" between my morning and evening Oxymist treatments, and used the cleanser and balm repeatedly.

On the third day of recovery, as my supply of Oxy-Mist treatments dwindled, I contacted you to send me additional treatments and once again your "next day Fed Ex" shipment was a God-send. Your follow-up telephone calls provided much welcomed emotional support, too. Thanks you so much, Neal and Sandra, for your wonderful service and concern for me as an individual! At the same time, I also ordered the BeautyKool Mask. I was extremely swollen at days 3 and 4, but as soon as I began using mask, the swelling was reduced dramatically. (I had been using the bagged "frozen peas" and also doctor recommended frozen Ziploc bags of clear Karo syrup, but it's impossible for the patient to keep these "in place" or cover enough of the painful, swollen areas in full face lasering. I even tried to hold the bags on with bandages or cloth wraps, but it just didn't work!) Your BeautyKool mask stayed "in place" even while I rested or napped, so in less than a day, the positive effects were visible and made me much more comfortable!

At Day 11, I saw the surgeon for a recheck, and I could tell he was quite surprised at the quality of healing and the skin tightness apparent. The esthetician was also visibly taken with my comparatively positive results. The erythema is fading, the skin is even in color, the skin texture is tight, and, best of all, shows no millia, acne or skin eruptions. I am totally convinced that this is due to the Oxy-Mist treatments. (Additionally, my sanity through all this was saved by the use of your products and the BeautyKool mask!)

I am currently using your post-laser "Advanced Product" skin care line: the facial cleanser, the fabulous hydrating mist and cooling Aminosome moisture gel, and the moisturizing creams, along with the 30 SPF Sunblock. These feel great and also help to decrease some of the maddening "itching" of the skin that comes with the healing and re-epithelialization process. I will certainly continue to use your skin care products as the healing proceeds.

If this letter sounds like a "paid advertisement" for the biO2 product like, my apologies. I can only say that I have no connection, financial or otherwise, with the company and this testimonial is completely unsolicited! I am honestly enthusiastic about biO2 and would strongly urge ANYONE undergoing laser procedures to purchase and use your product line, with or without the involvement of dermatologist/plastic surgeon. I welcome any direct inquiries from prospective laser resurfacing candidates, via email: or at my work address (Spokane, WA) on the letterhead above.
Again, thank you, thank you! E.R., University High School, Spokane, Wa

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