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Recover faster after cosmetic surgery, laser treatments, chemical peels, radiation therapy, diabetic, pressure and stasis ulcers and burns using Amino-Plex and Oxygen(Oxy-Mist) to help aid in wound healing and skin repair.

 biO2 Cosmeceuticals Oxy-Mist Treatment Program ...
When used after laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion and peels will put you back on the road to recovery quicker than any other program. laser resurfacing technology is here to stay. New advances are being made everyday in the laser field to help improve the texture and quality of your skin.

biO2 Cosmeceuticals is one of the nation leaders in cutting edge technology in the field of laser resurfacing recovery treatments. Being concerned with the after care healing of post laser resurfacing patients, we have developed a post laser recovery treatment program, with no side effects, that has been shown to improve the quality of healing and hastens the recovery time. Along with the home care program which is essential to your recovery, this treatment program will allow you to return to your lifestyle in a shorter period of time.

After your procedure, your skin will be traumatized and the use of oxygen is essential for maintaining cellular function and repair. It is necessary to promote fibroblast (a type of repair cell) proliferation and collagen production,which is essential in post laser resurfacing. Along with our specially formulated bio-active treatment formulations, we use pure medical grade oxygen in our 'dermal hydration unit' to deliver a cool, soothing enhancing treatment to your skin. This procedure takes approximately 15 minutes per day for several consecutive days. Clinical studies have shown that the biO2 Cosmeceuticals Post Laser Recovery Treatment Program significantly improves the quality of healing and decreases the recovery time. This program will be the best thing that you can do for your skin.

 The availability of oxygen to tissues plays an important role ...
In the process of post laser resurfacing recovery. When skin is damaged, the process of healing begins with the activation of enzymes and white blood cells that destroy bacteria. Macrophages (cells that remove debris) clear the treated area of destroyed cellular material. The blood flow to the treated area increases, bringing nutritive substances to the damaged tissue. Macrophages also stimulate fibroblasts to secrete collagen, a type of protein that strengthens and heals the tissues.

Within one to two days, the epithelial cell layer of skin begins to form. Oxygen promotes the production of collagen and epithelial cell growth within the treated area. Nutrition, the immune system, oxygen and biO2 Cosmeceuticals treatment formulations consisting of Amino-Plex®, Amino-Plex® II (contains over 100 ingredients, the most active being: amino acids, trace minerals, electrolytes, nucleotides, nucleosides(RNA/DNA), glycosamingoglycans, glycolipids, micellized Vitamin E (.05 microns)) all of these properties promote a better quality of healing; and Micellized Vitamin E (promotes healing). Together these formulations make Oxy-Mist and are influential factors in the healing process.

The biO2 Cosmeceuticals Post Laser Recovery Treatment Program, Oxy-Mist will make you look healthier and give your skin a smoother texture than you ever thought possible. If you are looking for the answer to quicker recovery and healthy, vital looking skin, then biO2 Cosmeceuticals Oxy-Mist Treatment Program is the answer. All of biO2 Cosmeceuticals home care products are safe to use on patients of different ages and skin types. biO2 Cosmeceuticals Post Laser Recovery treatments and skin care products are available without a prescription and are physician tested and approved.

In clinical studies, the patients were lased on half of their face and the second half was lased 2-3 weeks later. This study compared the biO2 Cosmeceuticals Oxy-Mist program vs. wrapping/net method, ointment and other open techniques.

To locate a physician in your area that is offering the Oxy-Mist program, please E-mail us at: or call 800-599-8885, or 800-499-1372.

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