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 biO2 Cosmeceuticals is a company on the cutting edge of post laser and post peel care.
Our technologically superior treatment products are designed to enhance healing time by reducing the patient's recovery time and redness (erythema). biO2 Cosmeceuticals protocol has an IRB approval. It is the only program of its' kind to be medically approved by plastic surgeons and dermatologists. It is endorsed by leading laser companies as the recommended post laser protocol.

Sandra (Hayman) Chansler, President of biO2 Cosmeceuticals has been in the laser field for 20 years performing thousands of laser procedures. Combining her 29 years in the skin care field and her years in the laser field, she developed the biO2 Oxy-Mist treatment and skin care products. Along with Neal Andrews, Vice President of biO2 Cosmeceuticals with his expertise of 20 years in sales and marketing, they combined their skills and have created a company that provides cutting edge products in the laser resurfacing field. They put 'care' back in patient care.
 biO2 Cosmeceuticals was formed for the advancement of post laser patient care.
During the past 16 years, the professionals at biO2 Cosmeceuticals have been involved in the laser resurfacing field and developed a Post Laser Recovery Treatment Program . This treatment program utilizes cosmetic treatment formulas that were created to help in the reduction and the recovery time of laser resurfacing patients. Independent studies (IRB approval) have shown that biO2 Cosmeceuticals Laser Resurfacing Treatment Program is the only and most effective method to enhance healing in laser patients compared to other laser recovery protocols that are currently available today.

biO2 Cosmeceuticals is on the cutting edge today and in the future of patient care in laser resurfacing. We are committed to continued clinical research, product testing and providing the best patient care.
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