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Disclaimer: Although medical research and experience are the basis of our material, it is not our intention that biO2 Cosmeceuticals Treatment Programs and products function as drug preparations.  Any use of our products for other than cosmetic purposes is at the discretion of the physician.
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The slide presentation link and clinical data links above will provide detailed information on the Oxy-Mist program containing Amino-Plex®, which is the most technologically advanced & patient compliant program there is.

As we all know the biggest problem facing the physician and the patient is the recovery time. Patients do not have 10-14 days or longer after CO2 resurfacing to heal or 1-3 months for their erythema to subside. We have all seen the 'TV stories' of what can go wrong and the slow recovery process of laser resurfacing which has received a lot of negative publicity. 

By offering a technologically advanced program that decreases the recovery time and erythema more and more patients will opt for laser resurfacing. Patients that respond to our website or talk to physicians that offer the Oxy-Mist program will choose the Oxy-Mist over the wrapped method or open methods such as Vaseline® with water and vinegar soaks, Crisco®, Preparation H® and Aquaphor™. We are bringing the recovery protocol out of the grocery store and into the medical arena with a scientifically proven state-of-the-art program.

® is an advanced cosmeceutical product that has been shown through clinical studies to decrease the healing time of laser resurfacing patients a provide a better quality result. Patients that have been treated with the Oxy-Mist protocol enjoy being involved in their healing process and enjoy the attention and support they receive from the physician's staff. 
By turning laser resurfacing into a pleasant experience for the patient again, more and more patients will choose to have laser resurfacing. If your patients are happy your referral business will increase.

The Oxy-Mist Treatment Program will also give your patients better quality results with faster recovery time from laser skin treatments when used in conjunction with lasers offered by the following companies.

Sciton Inc. • Palomar Medical Technologies • Cooltouch • Syneron Medical Inc. • Radiancy Inc. • Thermage • Lumenis Inc. • Cynosure Inc. • Altus Medical

Please review this information and consider offering the Oxy-Mist program to your patients. Your patients and staff will be glad you did.

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