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Laser procedures are performed by using a beam of laser light that vaporizes the upper layers of damaged skin. The laser can be used at specific controlled energies and penetration to help correct skin imperfections. Top layers of skin are vaporized or stripped away and form new cells. As the new cells form during the healing process the skin appears smoother, firmer and more youthful. Not every person’s skin is a candidate for a laser procedure.

Laser Peels can be performed on whole face or specific areas and are designed to minimize the appearance of fine lines especially around the eyes and mouth and for improving the quality of skin. Laser procedures are effective for treating facial scarring (acne), uneven pigmentation (brown spots) and fine lines. In some cases depending on the treatment a laser procedure may create some weeping and redness.

Some laser procedures go from a lighter depth treatment to a medium-deep peel which can take longer to heal. Lighter depth treatments heal faster, however, medium depth peels can heal faster with our Oxy-Mist treatment. This treatment is cooling, refreshing and soothing and cuts the healing time down to just a few days with optimum results!

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